About This Blog

October 2015

At this point, I’m going through a lot emotionally, because I have spent decades suppressing issues, wounds, and pain. It is time for me to face my issues and accept the truth (or as much of it as I can find and/or handle). Basically, this blog is intended to provide an outlet for me and possibly a community to go through the journey with me.

I’m not sure what you, the person reading this right now, stand to gain from following my blog. You have your own past, your own issues, and your own story. We may have nothing in common, although you may be able to benefit from watching my journey. Maybe having another perspective will help you with the issues that you are dealing with, and I hope that it does.

Anyway, my purpose isn’t really to be entertaining, and I’m not really looking for affirmation here. If someone does approve of what I’m doing, that’s great, but ultimately, I need to keep going even if I’m the only one who believes in me. I need to keep healing even if no one else cares about my wellbeing.

So I’m just writing about my journey, launching my words into the void. Read along if you wish.



2 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Thank you for liking and joining my blog. I have looked at several of your posts and your honesty impresses me. I will read more today. Hang on in there, just know you are of immense value, with or without depression. I have found there are no real grades to value. Sparks or flames, it does not matter.

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    • Thank you. I know on some level that I can live more fully, and I’m fighting to reach that reality, so that’s why I’m using the growth metaphor. I want to be able to choose things because I like them (without being scared that other people will see me enjoying something and use it against me). I want to be able to go places without knowing exactly what to expect and be calm about it (instead of being so scared that I barely experience any of it, even though I’m there). I want it so badly, but it’s hard to find my way. You’re welcome to follow as much or as little of my journey as you like, friend.


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