Day 129 With Dora

My family, extended family especially, is not on board with my service dog. “You’re invited over, but Dora isn’t.” “I can’t believe you’re making me choose between seeing you and having a dog in my house.”

I just…

I expected this to come. I really didn’t think these people who have been selfish and distant for years, who have caused me pain and never tried to reach out to get to know me, they were never going to take it well. 

I just didn’t think it would hurt so much.


5 thoughts on “Day 129 With Dora

  1. Oh Flicker Spark I am so sorry for you! I cannot put my ‘like’ on this it seems too sad, so accept this as prayers and sorrow. Cuddle up to the Flutenist and Dora, and try to feel nothing but pity for those who find it hard to think outside their own personal box.

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    • Well, pity and anger. But anger comes from pain, and as hard as it is, I need to admit to being hurt by people who should be safe. But thank you, friend. We are making it through. Step by step, day by day.

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  2. Nothing wrong with that. Anger and pity arising out of pain can fit hand in glove, like parents getting angry with badly behaved children but still caring about them, but it must be heart-breakingly hard.

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    • It is. I now feel afraid of strangers every time that I’m in public, and I really don’t want to let this new fear strangle the life out of me, so I’m pushing myself to do more than I’m comfortable with because I won’t grow if I run from this. Some days, I just weep or hyperventilate in public, because it’s so intense.

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