Day 40 With Dora

She’s finding her voice, and I’m not sure what to do. 🤔

Dora was a silent dog when we met her. She didn’t whine, cry, bark, howl, etc.- just watched the world. (Oddly enough, while I was typing this, she just got up from her nap to go bark at the darkness.)

Like I was about to say, Dora has started talking. So far, she barks at: diesel engines, the neighbors, kids playing in the snow, feral cats, flags(?), and… thin air). Yay. 😑 I don’t want to yell at her, to scare her into silence, but I also want the guy across the street to be able to change a tire without a 39 bark salute. When applicable, I’ve been breaking her line of sight or access to a room so she will stop. This mostly works.

She also sometimes just comes over and barks straight at me. Great! I want to communicate with you too! But I have no idea what that meant…

Or she will just start making these little whining sounds, usually with squeaky toys. I checked, and the internet says “excitement, especially if you’re talking about a hunting breed.” Labrador retriever- bred for fetching downed ducks and geese from ponds. Pit bull terrier- every terrier I know of exists just to get rid of rats and mice. So… I think Dora is doubly covered there. The whining is fine.

*sigh* The issue is just that while I can’t have her barking at everything, I also don’t want to traumatize her, since I know how long pain caused by someone you trusted can last. Hopefully, we can figure this one out. Somehow.


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