Little Victories

It just occurred to me that it’s worth noting how well some parts of the last 48 hours have gone. 

  • I took Dora to her appointment and got her the tapeworm treatment and her booster shot.
  • I also mentioned her gas and occasional irritated bowels, and the vet recommended probiotics.
  • I left the vet and went to my pet store to buy the probiotics I had seen on sale. 
  • I went to the groomer’s and asked how scheduling works, then scheduled an appointment for the next day.
  • We came home, I have Dora her meds with mild resistance but got through it.
  • Today, we took her to the appointment, but forgot her rabies form.
  • I ran home to get the rabies form and brought it right back.
  • They finished up earlier than I expected, so I picked up my stuff and just left.
  • I turned down prescheduling her next appointment, and we came home.

That might sound like normal life, but I’m somewhat used to being derailed by just 1-3 of those things happening in tandem, so making it through all of them is really good.


5 thoughts on “Little Victories

    • Yeah. Usually, when something is different from what I expect, I can’t deal with it. Even if it’s good. Like “Hey! Your pizza is ready early!” and on my bad days, I’m just done, because I planned everything down to the minute and now I have food that needs to be warm when I arrive but I can’t show up 10 minutes early but it will be cold if I show up on time… So, today and yesterday were really, really good.

      Thanks for commenting!

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      • I tend not to stop and pay attention to these counterpoints. I will say “I never handle changes well,” when in reality, sometimes I do and sometimes I can, so I don’t need to be scared of every change. It’s just good to take a deep breath and process that this time, it went well. Maybe, just maybe, next time, it will too.

        Well, that’s what I’m going for, at least.

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