Current Anime Viewing: 2/1/2017

Well, what I currently have on is Magical Girl Raising Project, which is pretty dark. I’m in episode 6 right now and it’s… well… intense, I suppose. I can’t actually point to anything that I like about it, since my life is already dark enough without dark stories in it, but it’s interesting at least.

I just finished Ace Attorney, based on the Phoenix Wright games. Based on what I’ve seen, it seems like it really is the first two games, complete with pop ups and silly shouts. I really enjoyed that show, because the main character is so optimistic and hopeful. He is doing his best to make the world better, which is something I could really use more of these days. 

They’re very different; one is intense and the other is a bit silly, but they’ve both been ok so far.

Just in case anyone is interested.


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