Day 34 With Dora

(I think I lost a few days last month.)

No long post tonight or fresh picture. I’m winding down for the night (more or less), and I just wanted to touch base.

Training class went really well tonight. It’s still difficult to get consistent results from her in a crowded, busy store, but man, Dora did so well on a few of the tasks.

She laid still and gave me begging eyes for a few solid minutes of waiting (instead of eating the salmon jerky just a few inches from her nose). I was even standing behind/beside her, so I couldn’t have physically stopped her in time. Dora chose to wait because I asked her to, and it was really good.

She also did pretty well at a sit-down-stay combo. Our trainer was dropping things and making loud noises, playing with toys and so on, and Dora only needed corrections once or twice, and she took them quickly. The other dogs walked by and she started to get up, but she laid back down on command and waited. That was also good.

She’s also having some digestive issues. But we have an appointment tomorrow for her booster shot, we took that sample in last week, and we can definitely try to get things settled. Her fur is still in good condition; Dora is hydrated; good appetite and everything… it’s probably just a minor issue.


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