Day 27 With Dora

I need Dora to poop today.

I need that poop to contain tapeworm segments.

Then I need to drive to the vet with the poop.

Because they won’t believe me about the ones I saw yesterday otherwise.

But yesterday, I didn’t have the car.

And I didn’t want to fish through the trash to find the one bag that had the one poop sample with worms in it.

And I didn’t want to walk for 2 hours in the sleet to get to the vet’s office and back home.


It’s gross, I know, but it’s also stressing me out because I have this obligation hanging over me without any clue when it will actually happen. I have an appointment this Wednesday. Dora is large enough that she isn’t in danger from the worms. 

Why should I have to run in again, right before an appointment, and pay for two vet visits instead of one? It’s too expensive for this to be taken in stride.

And why don’t they believe me? I know what worms her monthly meds protect against, and I recognized the ones she has. I know what I’m talking about!


I’ll just go back to being nervous without any foreseeable end to the tension. I can’t control Dora, the parasites, or the expectations of the vet’s office.

Do any of you have strategies for dealing with unexpected responsibilities that could arise at any moment? Especially ones that require you to monitor something beforehand? It’s really unhealthy for me.


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