Days 16&17 With Dora

Meeting the service dog trainers went all right, actually. They helped me control Dora during the informational meeting (which had maybe 7 extra dogs present). Mental note: despite ignoring them just fine during walks, Dora really likes meeting other dogs. Even if they are trained service dogs who are lying down like they are supposed to be. 😓

Anyway, she passed their evaluation- they basically each tried to rile her up, make her angry, and push her boundaries, and Dora just took it. She let them touch her paws, look in her mouth, push her away, rub her a bit too hard, pinch her, pull her tail just a bit, flip her over… everything. Through it all, my dog just looked up at these strangers with confused affection. Sometimes, she wagged like it was a game (head low, friendly ears, wiggly body as she walked back to them), even if she didn’t understand the game. Sometimes, she just relaxed fully, like she couldn’t be bothered to worry about what they did. She didn’t react; she just rolled with it. Dora won over two more fans.

So, that all went well. 

It also wiped me out for the day. Like a push puppet. 

You can buy this push puppet or look at others on this site, if you wish.

I finished. It was over. Collapse.

I’m not… I’m not ok yet, even though it’s been another day. I’m stable, but so tired. Give me another few days to reach equilibrium again. It’s out there. I know it.


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