Day 15 With Dora

Somehow, this is now a blog about me and my emotional support dog. Funny how things happen, isn’t it?

Well, tomorrow, we meet the service dog organization that we’ve been looking at. They wrote the book we used to evaluate Dora (and earlier candidates). They are the ones who made us consider co-training a service dog. (They train you and you train your dog. They also monitor your progress and help guide you. I think.)

We’re driving an hour and a half to reach them for the informational meeting. It’s a bit out of the way, but where we live, this kind of thing can’t be helped. Dora is welcome to come, which is very good. The meeting takes place during one of her peak times (bathroom needs, food and water needs, high energy level), which could be problematic. There will be other dogs there for the meeting, and there’s no way to even guess how that will go, since we are all bringing our pets, hoping that they will qualify for co-training. Or be suited for it. Or something.

It should be fine. Of course it should be fine, but…

But a part of me always worries about the unknown. The known is safe, even if it’s painful. Things could always be worse. (Anyone who is thinking “they could also always be better,” you’re right, but that type of thought is pretty outlandish from my point of view.)

Otherwise, I’m playing Dragon Age Inquisition again for the “trials” trophies from the Trespasser DLC. If that means nothing to you, that’s fine. Life is moving along, and I am moving with it somehow.


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