Days 12-14 With Dora

Quick recap:

  • Day 12: I’m so scared of training what if I can’t do it what if it goes wrong I wish I didn’t get nauseous when I’m stressed this is pathetic my brain says it should be ok why won’t my emotions listen what’s wrong with me aaaaaaaagh.
  • Day 13: First half was more of yesterday’s mess. Second half… why was I scared of this? That went really well. I talked to people, Dora was fine, the trainer is friendly. It’s ok. Breathe. Breathe.
  • Day 14 (today): My friend came over to hang out during her break at work. Dora and I went to the park, walked for 30 minutes, and caught 2 Paras, 1 Vulpix, and 1 Drowzee. (I was being a bit more discerning today, plus it’s hard to throw pokeballs accurately with a dog tugging your arm at random intervals, so we mostly walked.) I played video games. I folded two loads of laundry. I emptied and started reloading the dishwasher. I picked up my husband from work on time. The three of us did some leash training in Lowes.

So, it’s been really, really bad, then pretty ok. Then last night, I realized that my life is ok- it’s not going to be ok someday, but it is ok right now. That was really weird, I have to say. Today went pretty smoothly overall, and it was nice to finish tasks I haven’t had time for the last few days.

I wrote my second week’s training log a bit ago, so I’m going to relax now.


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