Day 9.5 With Dora

We had to leave Dora home alone for 2 hours today. While we were gone, she relieved herself thrice, broke two sets of blinds, and bent a curtain rod beyond repair. I’m mentioning this because I’m fine. I’m absolutely fine.

I took charge of the situation: comforted her when we returned, cleaned the waste, pretreated the rugs, asked my husband to comfort her so she would stay out of the way, gathered items to go in the laundry, took down the curtains, asked for help with removing the blinds, cleaned the floor, asked for the trash and Dora to be taken outside…

I didn’t break my stride, guys! I just saw what needed to happen, and I did it. 

I’m not overwhelmed or frustrated. I expected there to be a mess (albeit a different mess), and I just rolled with it. I’m really pleased with this, especially since my last house-training breakdown was not too many days ago. 


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