Day 8 With Dora 

I have swung too far rom being scared of caring about Dora to now becoming overly protective of her. I need to get this in check soon, before it becomes entrenched.

We were out walking just now, after another accident in the house. (Why isn’t it easier to learn this dog’s routine?) I took the mess and the new tasks in stride and just completed them (yay, me!) then headed outside to make sure she was exercised and empty. Success on both fronts.

Dora is…. honestly, she’s not great on a leash. She is absolutely not paying attention to the person on the other end of it, so it is really hard to get her to keep walking if she sees or smells something interesting. I’ve been trying to just not break pace so that she would get less distracted, but results are mixed. After all, I’m out of shape and it’s winter, so there’s no running in my future.

On the way back, she started limping a little. I don’t know why. I wasn’t watching her, because- like I said- I end up spending half the walk being dragged and the other half dragging her. I flipped out a bit. More so once she started favoring her back left paw. Oh man- if panic was a fuel source, you could have powered a city off of me for a few moments.

But she’s a dog. Not a Fabergé egg. So she soon was jogging on her “injured” foot. 😓 We came home briskly and got inside so I could see if she was fine- no blood on the snow, but not all injuries bleed. She has jumped on the couch. She is sleeping. I think she will be ok.

But me? I need to get it through my system that panicking will not help her become the dog she needs to be. I need to trust her to alert me to her pain and fear and I need to develop a communication system with her. We have so much to learn together, and I need to relax as much as possible, before my fear for her sake of other dogs or injury or cars teaches her to fear them herself.

This might be hard.


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