Update: Crochet

It’s been a while, but I’m alive and crawling through my hurricane, so all is not lost. I thought maybe I should throw a few update entries out to the wind, if only to acknowledge to myself that I am making progress on things.

Learning to Crochet

Here’s that water bottle sling again. The strap and the net both stretch like mad if there’s a full bottle inside. Maybe I shouldn’t have made it bigger after all. 😏 Live and learn.

Slouchy hat and the first actual glimpse of me on this blog. I sized this one up for the kids’ dimensions too, and then decided to use up the end of the yarn since there wasn’t much left. Poof! Slouchy hat was born.

Slouchy hat #2 came out of my eager pride over finishing the first hat. Immediately, I texted a friend with pics and asked if she wanted a hat. Yes, she did. Within 24 hours of buying the yarn, she had a hat. Bam.

Ok. This project was a freestyle one for me. I didn’t feel like I was comfortable enough with crocheting in the round yet. I started a new circle and just didn’t stop. Add 6 stitches each round. Continue. And you get… a hexagon. Huh.

The pouch was a project from the book, but I increased the size again. Basically, I don’t have any “tiny treasures” to keep in here, so I made it big enough to contain my collection of hair accessories. The band for my basket just coordinates it with the pouch. It’s another freestyle, but it’s so so simple that it’s hardly worth mentioning.

So there we go. I have been gaining skill in this new hobby. My next project is crocheting a laptop bag and then felting it in the washing machine. It will be my first project with natural wool and my first attempt at creating felt. Wish me luck.


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