Watercolor Collection 1

I want to post the other paintings I’ve done so far, just because it feels important to be open to someone regarding my continuing efforts. Maybe one of you needs the freedom to start an art journaling exercise, even if your pieces look as rough as these! 😏 So, without further ado, the unposted paintings:


Nothing deep here; I just felt better on this day than on others, so I painted something sunny.

“Baby Steps”

Actually, this one is more of a shape study for the petals. I wanted to start learning to make leaves/petals with two connected strokes or a single flowing stroke, so I tried it. It’s not great, but at least the connected petals are roughly even. The falling ones were just shape practice.


I painted this after sending Kuno away, about how I can see life’s threads around me but can’t reach out and take them. And then, right at the end, I made myself into a rabbit. Because it seemed good at the time. (No idea why.)


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