Letting Go (Way Too Late)

I’m doing some summer cleaning- going through my possessions and getting rid of things. This week, I’ve managed to get rid of some items that I’ve kept for too long.

Nail polish, some of it from Christmas 1999 or something, all of which survived my last polish purge. These are the bottles which are really separated and gross. I kept them because I hadn’t used them up yet. I have a problem with getting rid of things that are “still good.” Bah.

The sweater that was one of my defining shirts in high school. I wore it very often and was told that it looked good on me. I’ve tried it on, and it’s rather ill fitting now. It’s quite snug, uncomfortably so, and in the last decade, I’ve lost patience with shirts that end abruptly at the waist. I like the way a longer shirt looks, how it’s sort of reminiscent of a dress, making it just a bit feminine, while wearing it over pants balances things back out. My body looks better in clothes that don’t really try to bisect me. I’ve kept it this long because I thought I would “shrink back into it.” I have, but I don’t need it any more.

The orange fuzzy hat I used when I unsuccessfully campaigned for a fictions office during a mock government camp. I meant for people to remember me, or at least my hat. The problem was that I hated campaigning… And being outside while other people were campaigning. It was so annoying to be hounded down by everyone I saw when I was too polite to say “Piss off. I’m just trying to get to the dining hall,” or anything. I just stayed inside more and more during free time, and I completely lost the election. 

I was sad, but proud, so on the day after our results came in, I knew what I had to do. I wore my fuzzy hat again, and went to my appointed position dutifully, acting like I had only worn the hat because I enjoyed it.


2 thoughts on “Letting Go (Way Too Late)

  1. I’m a natural born hoarder (hopefully I’ll never get to the extremes like you see on TV), but I get attached to things too easily, and also I grew up with the mindset of never letting anything go to waste, cause you never ever know when you might just need *insert random object here*.

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