Progress on the Pointless

I know that no one cares about this, but my silence over the last few months is partly because I haven’t felt free to write what I want. So I’m writing low stress, simple entries if I want to.

I’ve moved on to targeting rare cats for the most part. I want to fill in their pages like Frosty’s is: to take at least one picture of them and to lure them to my yard enough that they give me a gift. (I like Frosty’s little snowman gift- it is pretty cute.)

As you can see, I have a lot of empty spaces to go, but I currently have items out for 8 of these cats, and they are coming. Slowly, perhaps, but I also get many common cats, so it’s cute and comforting.

So why am I pouring time into collecting virtual cats? 

Simple; it’s easier to handle this than to juggle all of the issues in my country, in the world, in the lives of every person who I’m connected to via social media. We have so much exposure to pain and suffering now, with images and videos, with voice clips and more. It’s intense, and I can’t handle the volume of it. (Both senses of “volume” are appropriate here.)

My issues are enough to drown me already. The other several billion of you are beyond my reach anyway- I can’t help, I can’t heal, I can’t fix it, I can’t feed people, I can’t do anything but watch. And there is a limit to the amount of trauma I can carry.

I’m sorry, everyone. I failed you.


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