Existing in a Tiny World

I felt like writing today. I keep thinking about this blog, why I started it, what I wanted, and why I won’t write now. I don’t think that I’m interesting enough, and, moreover, because there are people I know reading this (sometimes), I feel like I need to censor it.

So, what am I doing? Not much. Recovering from gum surgery (periodontic surgery, if you’re fancy). Cleaning up after Kuno. Pretending that I’m not sitting on my couch next to an elephant-sized pain… Ball… Thing. (I was going to type “elephant of pain,” but it sounded… Odd? Like a really mean sentient elephant or like a normal elephant made of sizzling energy or something? My mind can’t get past that image, and it’s stealing my eloquence.

So… Here’s a completely mundane day to day pursuit as I have spent the last 8 days mostly bedridden due to my recovery fatigue:

Neko Atsume/ Kitty Collector is available for free in the App Store.

I have a garden that I can fill with food and cat toys for feral cats (they must be feral: they simply wander in at will). I’m collecting mementos from them now, placing items that a specific cat likes on one half of the garden and items for a second cat in the other half. I believe that the two I’m working on now are named “Spud” and “Willie.” It’s not an adventure, but it’s something to do, I guess.

I’m also cooking black bean and corn soup/chili. And washing dishes. And doing laundry. So, I’m doing things, but I… I’m ashamed of my lack of ⭐️ACCOMPLISHMENTS⭐️. Like living a small, happy life in spite of a giant, pain-filled world is somehow not enough.

*sigh* If you’ll excuse me, I have to go shut my windows. My neighbors have decided to have a shouting match, and the disrespect and anger they’re flinging at each other is not… I wish they would just talk to one another like adults instead of acting like children. 😔 Oh well.


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