Potter’s Medley 4

After a bit of wheel work, we made a slab project. You wedge your clay (work all the air bubbles out) like normal, then put your clay on a slab roller, which just rolls the clay out evenly for you. It’s so nice. Yay for slab rollers.

We made bowls or platters (free choice) that day, using a complex-looking, but very simple technique. You take lace (an old doily, for example) and use a rolling pin to press it into the clay. Keep rolling until it’s level with the clay surface. If you still feel fabric bumps when you touch it, keep rolling.

Then, you get a stand, place a bowl upside down over the stand, cover that with a this piece of plastic, and flip your clay slab onto it. (I cut mine into a shape before this step.) Gently smooth/pat/form the slab over the bowl until it take the shape you want. Be gentle.

The coloring is a green stain, applied into the lace crevices using a makeup brush and washed off of the raised surface using a sponge. On top of this, there is a clear glaze.


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