Potter’s Medley 3

Sadly, I’ve spent enough time dragging my feet that into longer remember distinct occurrences from this class. I was stressed and busy while it was happening, and I mostly just crumpled to a ball when I got home. I needed rest, so I rested.

This bowl is COMPLETELY mine. I made it, trimmed it, glazed it. I love it, because the inner rings and the center for make me think of a droplet falling into water. It’s like a snapshot of ripples slipping through a little puddle. I love motion in art, so I really am happy with this.


It just turned out so nicely. It is even. It is a good weight. It just looks good. So I am pleased with this piece at least. 🙂

This is thrown on an electric wheel, glazed 1/2 in translucent green and 1/2 in cobalt blue, with a slight overlap in the center.


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