Kuno’s Distress Tolerance

It’s finally warm enough for the lawn mower today, and Kuno is terrified of it. Of course. Because it’s a vacuum cleaner with a car motor- two horrors in one!

I’m softening this experience by including positive elements for her. There is wet food available (she usually eats dry food, so it’s special), but she needs to sit by an open window to eat it.

She did well at first, but my husband hit some rocks or sticks, so the noise spiked and she ran away. Not too far, though, and she still interacted with me, so I know she wasn’t panicking. (The light on the floor is from the window in the first picture.)

The mower has now moved around the back of our home, so she has decided to make a run for it. Her fur isn’t too puffy, and she seems very sure of her movements. This is really great. 

I know how easy it is to run away when things are scary and how hard it is to be open to new experiences. Kuno did really well today. Hopefully, she will just keep getting better.


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