Potter’s Medley- Week 2

 This bowl was the product of my second week of class. We were supposed to learn trimming- the process of removing extra clay from the bottom of a bowl to make it lighter. A bowl (vase, pot, jug, etc.) must sit for a while to dry out before you trim it. Not too long, or you won’t be able to work it. Not too little or your hands will end up reshaping the bowl as you work.

As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t make a bowl during my first week, so I had nothing to trim. The teacher threw a few extra bowls before class, and I got to trim one. It may have been softer than preferred, but I was still grateful for the inclusion.

 Sadly, as you can see, the glaze I used was HORRIBLE. It bubbled. It ran down onto the shelf. It separated, leaving a white layer on the bowl and sending all the pigment down to the kiln shelf. Part of my bowl stuck to the kiln shelf. Part of the kiln shelf stick to my bowl (it’s the white stuff).
This bowl is a failure, but only because of the bad glaze. If I had picked one of the better ones, this wouldn’t have been ruined.


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