Pottery Class 1

It’s been a while. Sorry. I’ve just been… A lot has been going on and losing contact with people has been happening a good deal. The only thing I want to write about right now is pottery class, so here we are.

Week One: My husband and I had gone to the open house for our local arts center and we got the chance to throw a bowl on electric wheels. The instructor went step by step with us and showed us each step individually. I followed along, and my bowl turned out really well. I was excited- I’m a natural! Woo! But of course, I didn’t get to keep the bowl because it was just part of an event. So that was a little sad, but I felt confident that I could make more. We signed up for the class.

Week Two: We got into the class and I went in with complete expectations to do just as well as I had at the open house. I didn’t. I destroyed 2 bowls. The teacher was different, an experienced potter with decades of experience, who seems to have forgotten how hard things can be for novices. Our personalities may not have meshed, but I just got so depressed between my failure and her teaching style… I left halfway through the class to cry in the bathroom. I had done so well the first time! How could I be failing now?! But I promised my husband that I would come back, so I did. And I tried again. And I destroyed that second bowl too, but it was one of the biggest successes of my life. Because I failed, but I didn’t give up. That choice has laid a foundation for all the progress I have made since.

I can write about that later, and once we reach a week that actually produced a pot, I will include pictures.


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