Act 3- Taking Things Up a Notch

One of my guild mates, the strongest player and 2nd in command, left our guild to form her own. She was more than twice my level, but she still invited me to join her. I was shocked, flattered, stunned. She wanted me, a little level 30 noob to join her!

I followed her to the new guild quickly, almost without thinking. I had now broken my promise to myself twice, but still, I thought it would be fine.

The two of us were the only members of our new guild for at least two guild events… A couple of weeks at least. We talked a lot. We placed in the top 500, just the two of us. We saw potential.

KnD locks guild rosters during guild events: no one may join, leave, be kicked, be promoted, or be demoted until the event is over. As soon as we had a chance, we spammed invites to everyone we could find- anyone, any level, guild member or not. Within a few days, we had almost 20 people.

Despite member turnovers, our guild grew- top 400, top 300, top 250. We earned great rewards, our members started participating in events, everyone leveled. It seemed like it was going to be good.

I wanted to say “I’ll never leave.” I wanted to hide the leave guild button. Warning flags went off, so I didn’t. But I thought it. Many times.

It was our golden age, our honeymoon phase. Everything was looking up, and any problems were overlooked because of the things that were going well. Who cares that the level requirement for joining the guild is fluctuating? Who cares that rules change without warning? Who cares that we’re adding rules? It’s fine, isn’t it?

It will be ok, won’t it?


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