Making the Call

I decided to take Kuno to the vet after all, and we scheduled it at a time that my husband could come along. Car rides are much easier with two people, because the driver can handle the road, and the passenger can hold and stroke the panicking cat. He drove, and I tried to comfort Kuno as she yowled and shifted and turned and tried to climb on the dash and so on.

Those scared, overstimulated little meows are so hard for me to listen to. I hate doing things that put her in that state of mind, but sometimes, it is necessary. At least this was better than our 4 hour drives- like the one where my car wasn’t fully secured, and she escaped into the snow, and I had to pull over and chase my terrified cat through a graveyard while we were still 2 hours from home. That was awful. 

Anyway, we just went to the vet a bit ago, and things went… well, normally. She was scared in the car, with a rushing pulse, diluted eyes, panting, and those yowling cries. We got inside and she was cautious about the environment and everything, but calmer than before. Nervous for the first few minutes of the appointment, and then golden for the rest of it. Scared on the drive back, frantic to get out of the car, and very happy to be back in the house. So overall, that’s a win.

I learned somethings too: Kuno has herpes, which is a chronic infection for cats. Once infected, the cat carries the virus for the rest of its life, and stressful changes in the environment cause flare ups. These flare ups are the respiratory infections that I’ve seen her fighting throughout her life, from the very first day we had her. It seems very likely that her whole feral colony was infected with the disease at once, and now, even 7 years later, Kuno still struggles against her disease.

This has been the most severe infection I’ve seen her with so far, but she’s got a bit of medicine now to back her immune system up and keep the viral load down, so hopefully, things will turn around. 

Hang in there, pretty kitty. I love you more than you know.


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