Simple Joys 2, Milk Chocolate

Several years ago, my mother and I had the opportunity to travel to Germany during the summer, and it was on this trip that I discovered two foods that I still love today. The first is mineral water, which is just so much better than cola in many, many ways. The second, is alpine milk chocolate.

I found Milka bars. (Just the thought is giving me this hazy-eyed smile, the kind of peaceful contentment brought out by very pleasant things.) If you are curious, German Deli exports these to North America, and they are also available through sites like Amazon.

These bars are hard to describe, but I will try. For reference, some American chocolate companies use additives, like wax, in their chocolate. I don’t know why- preservation? increased number of bars? something else? But the point is, we live with low quality chocolate, and we are fine, because we don’t know better.

Milka bars are like… well, the texture is thick and smooth, for one. The chocolate just melts evenly over the tongue and fills the whole mouth. The special ingredients blend well with the chocolate flavor- in specialty bars, like hazelnut or raspberry, those extra flavor neither overpower nor are buried by the milk chocolate. They just mix together beautifully. The portion size is generous as well, although I always intended to eat only part of a bar, and still ended up eating the whole thing once it was opened.

They are just so good, guys.

I know that food reviews aren’t what you come to this blog for, but I think that everyone needs to take the time to enjoy things as well. If we try too hard to fix ourselves, to “get better,” we will burn ourselves out. So here’s to relaxing and enjoying the good things in life while we can. The time for grief will return soon enough. No need to rush it.


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