Commentary on the “Comparison” Minis

This is optional commentary on the “Comparison” and “Comparison- Reality” art mini-entries. Feel free to avoid it if desired.

Both entries are on the topic of comparing oneself to a group. In the first art mini, I feel isolated and distinct. Sometimes it’s like I’m the only one falling apart; other times it’s like I am alone even while surrounded by others. Ultimately, there are many possible emotions that can be represented by this image. The key idea, however, is isolation or abnormality- that I am alone, that I am the only one- that kind of thing. It is called “Comparison” in recognition that comparing oneself to others promotes many negative emotions.

The second art mini features two new features: diversity and chaos; because I feel like in reality, people are neither as uniform nor as orderly as I portrayed them to be in the first art mini. It’s not like I am the only one with problems- we all have problems, but different ones. I am not alone, with crisp borders between me and the world. We are all a jumbled mess, in contact with a few people and isolated from others. It is up to us to make those connections matter.

P.S.- Bigelow makes some nice herbal teas, which is why I have them here to use for art in the first place. 😊


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