Holding Pattern

I’m sitting at my pharmacy, waiting on a prescription that I dropped off almost 5 hours ago, which was supposed to take 1 hour, which isn’t filled because my insurance won’t cover it, but that I still need anyway. Sometimes, life is just like this. Work all that you want to, but you can’t get things to turn out right or play through quickly.

I wanted to avoid this trip all together- there’s a former/present?employee that I really don’t want to see. But I’m being an adult, and that means coming anyway. (I miss being a child sometimes.)

I’m just gonna sit here uncomfortably with my shame and this 80s radio station until they call me back to the counter. I wish that I could guarantee that I wouldn’t just end up dwelling on times when I gave everything, tried with all my strength, and just watched things crumble. But I can’t promise that, because I will, and I am.

Working hard is supposed to ensure success. Hasn’t anyone told the world about this rule? Heh. Of course not. Nothing is that easy.


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